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Through my work at UniHomes, I've consistently demonstrated a dynamic and strategic approach to transforming digital landscapes.


From spearheading the redesign of a letting agent portal to orchestrating iterative improvements for UniHomes' customer-facing website, my portfolio reflects a blend of creativity and analytical thinking.


Through user workshops, story mapping sessions with stakeholders, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, I have navigated the intricate intersection of user needs, stakeholder alignment, and cross-functional collaboration.


My commitment to weaving together cutting-edge design methodologies and fostering a culture of innovation underscores my ability to meet and exceed expectations in the ever-evolving realm of digital product design.

Leading from the front

I took charge of fostering collaborative innovation through a series of dynamic workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions.


Steering user workshops with a finely tuned empathetic lens, I extracted valuable insights, ensuring a user-centric design foundation.


Story mapping sessions became the focal point of stakeholder alignment, it allowed the fusion of diverse perspectives into a cohesive product narrative. These cross-functional insights paved the way for robust and streamlined design decisions.


Leveraging agile methodologies, I championed knowledge-sharing sessions, educating on design principles and methodologies across teams, and fostering a culture of design thinking.


Through these dynamic initiatives, I facilitated cross-team synergy and instilled a shared understanding of design strategy, encouraging a collective commitment to elevating the user experience and propelling product success.

Story Mapping 1.png
Story Mapping 2.png

the Letting agent portal

This portal was vital for UniHomes. For letting agencies it let them manage their property portfolio on the UniHomes site, provided key metrics and KSPs, and allowed them to manage utility accounts paperlessly. From UniHomes' perspective, the portal functioning well meant the business could function well as agencies are the key source of revenue. 

I spearheaded the transformative redesign of the "Letting agent portal," revolutionising the user experience and elevating functionality.


Through a human-centric approach, I conducted extensive user research and leveraged design thinking methodologies to identify pain points and opportunities. Employing a seamless fusion of wireframing, prototyping, and iterative testing, I crafted an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface, prioritising clarity and efficiency.


My strategic application of design systems and adherence to the latest UI/UX trends resulted in a visually pleasing yet highly functional portal that seamlessly integrates with the workflows of letting agents.


The redesign garnered enthusiastic user feedback and led to a measurable increase in user engagement and overall satisfaction. This project showcases my ability to blend creativity with analytical thinking, delivering a product that exceeds user expectations in the dynamic landscape of digital product design.

I also employed my coding skills to build custom user guides that allowed an effortless transition to the new system. This will continue to be an iterative product that evolves and grows as user and business needs require.

Current - Dashboard.png
Current - Properties Page.png
Current - Enquiries Page.png
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the Website

I took the helm in orchestrating iterative enhancements for UniHomes' customer-facing website, charting a course for an immersive and streamlined user journey.


My strategic approach involved usability testing, employing heat maps, and analysing user feedback to identify pain points and untapped opportunities.


I knew it would be an iterative process, so I took the lead in integrating cutting-edge UI patterns, and optimising user flows with a mobile-first mentality. Looking for quick wins that could snowball into big improvements, these first steps were vital in ensuring clear product direction.


Through responsive design principles and crafting a cohesive design system, I orchestrated visual and interactive harmony that captivates but also guides users seamlessly through the UniHomes site.


My improvements resulted in a marked increase in user engagement and an observable reduction in pain points and bounce rates. This reaffirmed the success of the design strategy and showcased my commitment to pushing the boundaries of customer-centric design.

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Screenshot 2024-04-11 104008.png
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