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The Modern Milkman


As a UX Designer and then Product Designer at The Modern Milkman, I worked within a cross-functional team (UI designers, product owners, and developers) to help shape, plan and create solutions and experiences for customers across our digital products and channels.

My determination led to my promotion to Product Designer after just a year with the company.

Working alongside talented designers and developers. I made sure to communicate expectations and goals clearly, ensuring that they all had a thorough understanding of the project's vision and objectives.

Throughout projects, I made it a point to foster a collaborative and supportive environment, encouraging all team members to share their ideas and perspectives. I was impressed with how well we leveraged each other's strengths and collaborated to solve problems as they arose. Whenever any challenges came up, I was able to identify and address them quickly, ensuring that the team stayed on track and met our project goals. Overall, it was a pleasure working with such a talented group of professionals and their contributions were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome.

The "Milkround Builder"

In my first month at the company, I came up with "The Milkround Builder" project and I was excited about the potential it had to revolutionize the customer experience. My idea was to streamline the purchasing journey by automating the process of adding items to a customer's basket after they signed up, reducing sign-up-no-purchase (SUNP) users and also increasing the value of the average order.

Unfortunately, unforeseen technical challenges arose during the development process, company goals changed, and I was let go before the project could be completed. While the failure to fully realize "The Milkround Builder" was a setback, I am still proud of the initiative and the valuable insights that were gained from it. Throughout the project's development, I conducted extensive research and collaborated with colleagues to design a user-friendly experience. The lessons learned from this experience will undoubtedly serve me well in future initiatives.

While it's disappointing that "The Milkround Builder" didn't come to fruition, I remain committed to developing innovative solutions that improve customer experience and drive growth for businesses.

Following my dismissal, I later became aware that the Milkround Builder was released, and led to an increase in growth by 38%.

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The French Expansion

As the lead UX Designer for our company's French expansion project, I learned valuable lessons that have helped me grow both personally and professionally. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to overcome cultural and logistical challenges that ultimately led to the project's failure.

However, I was able to take away important insights from this experience. I learned the importance of thorough market research and understanding the cultural nuances of a new market before launching a project. Additionally, I gained valuable experience in working quickly and reactively and learned how to navigate difficult situations in a high-pressure environment.


While the project may have been deemed a failure, I believe that the lessons learned from this experience have been valuable in shaping my approach to future projects and my overall professional development.

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Integrating new payment methods

As a member of the team tasked with adding new payment methods to our company's purchasing journey, I played a key role in designing and conducting research on this initiative. Through user research and feedback from our sales teams, we were able to identify pain points in our existing payment process and design a seamless, user-friendly experience for our customers.

The addition of new payment methods not only improved the customer experience but also had a positive impact on our company's bottom line. We saw an increase in conversions and higher customer and sales satisfaction. The hope is that this will lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

I feel that my contribution to this project helped to drive growth and improve the overall success of our company's e-commerce platform.

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Internal tool optimisation and development

My work on our in-house tools included making continuous improvements to a bespoke driver app with the aim of increasing delivery efficiency. To aid my work, I conducted comprehensive research. Driver interviews provided deep insights into their pain points, preferences, and workflow challenges. Site visits and ride-alongs allowed me to observe firsthand the operational intricacies and identify areas for improvement. By also leveraging the app's data, I gained valuable quantitative insights, enabling data-driven decision-making.

These experiences improved my ability to foster empathy for end-users, enhanced my ability to identify design opportunities, and strengthened my skills in analyzing and synthesizing data. Ultimately, this project equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to create innovative solutions that significantly improved delivery efficiency for drivers, thereby positively impacting the overall logistics operations. 

I also worked on TMM's internal Customer, Route, and Stock Management system, focusing on iterative and MVP improvements. Collaborating closely with stakeholders and the development team, I delivered seamless and intuitive user experiences while balancing user needs, business requirements, and technical constraints. These changes made significant improvements to Customer Service efficiency and led to increased clarity with orders and stock management

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