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Small projects


T Shirt Designs

T-shirt Designs


Liquor & Burn

Liquor & Burn, a Manchester-based Mexican restaurant, commissioned me to create a bespoke shirt design to replace the current staff uniform.

After a short introductory meeting, I completed the work ahead of schedule, and I'm happy to say the client was delighted with the result.

"Mate wow. Unreal." - Ben, Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn

Liquor and Burn Mockup.jpg

Tokyo ramen

Following a strong run of posts on social media, I was contacted by the Manchester-based eatery "Tokyo Ramen" to create two shirt designs.

Tokyo Ramen gave the white shirts away as part of a loyalty scheme, and the black shirts were worn by staff.

Living up to my reputation I completed the designs ahead of schedule, and the client was thrilled with the result.

"Yes! Really happy with both designs...Excited to get them printed now." - Danny, Tokyo Ramen

Tokyo Ramen Mockup.jpg

Baa bar

BaaBar, a popular pub/club chain, approached me to design t-shirts. Initially, the brief included showing students sleeping, at the gym, on a night out, and dancing, but it evolved to feature a scientist in a laboratory instead.

This was my first official commission and taught me valuable lessons in time management as I was still balancing my university studies. My hard work was vindicated by BaaBar's management being pleased with the final design.

Shortly after, BaaBar engaged me again to create a Frida Kahlo-inspired design for their new tequila bar's staff.

Baabar Mockup.jpg

The Shop Party


I had the opportunity to work with MCR Live Radio on an exciting project. They approached me to create promotional materials for their new monthly event, "The Shop Party". The event was supported by Brooklyn Brewery for drinks and hosted at Ancoats General Store. It was a well-rounded commission that involved collaborating with the client and partners to deliver compelling promotional materials for the event.

Shop Party Poster Concepts2.jpg
Shop Party Poster 2.png
Shop Party Poster Mockup.png
Shop Part Social Media Feed.png

Branding commissions


Satan's glaze


Satan's Glaze (a Sheffield-based food producer), approached me to create their promotional and branding materials. As a newly established company, they entrusted me with building their brand image from scratch. They loved my cartoon style and wanted it incorporated into the design, ensuring legibility across various scales, from t-shirts to stickers.

I gladly accepted the challenge and guided the team throughout the creative process, from conception to finalization. Along the way, I provided valuable insights on printing techniques and optimizing the designs for maximum impact.

I'm proud to see Satan's Glaze thriving, even in the face of challenges such as the lockdown. Their business has expanded, and I'm delighted to have played a part in their success.

Will! That looks great! Exactly what I was after!...Thanks again - Matt, Satan's Glaze

Satan's Glaze Inta.png
SG Cup.jpg
SG Lamp.jpg
Satans Glaze Social Media Feed.jpg

Minkan Densho


My freelance design journey kicked off with an exciting project. Ben Targett, a Senior Designer, approached me for a collaboration involving beer bottle branding mock-ups infused with a distinctly Japanese theme.

I began by researching Japanese mythological creatures and traditional Japanese artworks. From the wealth of inspiration, I carefully selected four creatures that captivated me both from a design perspective and their significance in folklore.

Ben loved the designs and I found immense satisfaction in the finished product. Furthermore, the project allowed me to showcase my creativity and passion for design.

Minkan Densho.jpg
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