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Nordic Architecture Group Asia


Nordic Architecture Group Asia approached me to revamp and modernize their branding in preparation for an upcoming presentation to potential investors. In response to their request, I leveraged my expertise in branding and design to create a fresh and contemporary look that aligned with their business goals and values.

Initial concepts

My creative direction for the rebranding of Nordic Architecture Group Asia drew inspiration from a fusion of nature and industrial design elements, namely fir trees and pagodas. To reflect the company's direction and ambition, I incorporated an arrow pointing upwards, referencing the North on a compass, above the letter 'N' in the logo design. Additionally, I selected a custom font that conveyed the minimalism and sleekness characteristic of Scandinavian design.

NAGA Options.png

Final decisions

Through a process of iteration and refinement, we arrived at a concept that effectively captured the essence of the company's brand identity while also resonating with its target audience. The final design was well-received by the client and I look forward to seeing their brand at play in the future.

NAGA Options 2.png
Naga Mockups.png
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