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Paid concept art projects

18 Rue De Calvados, Vire, 1944

Freelance Concept Art commission

I was engaged to undertake the design of the initial concepts and T-Poses, which served as the foundation for the animator, Ryan Scammell and his team to develop the final character models. Despite its personal nature, I approached this project with a strong sense of professionalism and imposed strict deadlines for each stage of the process.

Through diligent time management and focused efforts, I not only completed each piece in a timely manner but also exceeded expectations by delivering them ahead of schedule. This achievement has equipped Ryan and his team with the requisite assets to propel their project forward with confidence and success.

Initial character sketches

Concept Art - Charater 3/4 view
Concept Art - Charater 3/4 view


A-Pose 2 - Artist.jpg
A-Pose - Old Man.jpg
A-Pose 2 - Wife.jpg
A-Pose 2 - Father.jpg

The Horologist

Freelance concept art commission

In 2016, I received a commission from Ryan Scammell to create concept art for a personal project. This collaboration presented a unique opportunity as it marked my first experience working across time zones, with Ryan being based in NYC.

Given the geographical constraints, effective communication became paramount, and we relied on clear and concise email exchanges to convey our ideas and visions. Leveraging this mode of communication, I provided Ryan with the necessary artistic direction, which empowered him to proceed confidently with the project.

You can see the clear influences of my concept art in the final animation.

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