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The Idea

Looking for the perfect platform to showcase your talent as an up-and-coming artist? Or perhaps you're a venue owner looking to discover fresh new talent to entertain your audience? Look no further than Aux - the ultimate app for connecting indie artists with venues.

Aux simplifies the booking process and eliminates the need for endless phone calls and emails. As an artist, you can quickly create your profile and showcase your unique sound and style. Browse open mic nights and gigs to discover new opportunities, manage your bookings, and coordinate with venues right from the app.

As a venue owner, you can easily discover the best up-and-coming artists to enhance your reputation and entertain your audience. Create your own profile, search for talent based on your specific needs, and manage your bookings seamlessly within the app.


Whether you're an artist looking to get discovered or a venue owner looking to discover new talent, Aux has everything you need to succeed in the indie music scene. So why wait? Download Aux now and start making your mark on the music world!

Aux Screens 1_edited.png


As the UX/UI designer for an app originally named "Be My Band," my first step was to identify the target audience and the app's goals. After careful consideration, I renamed the app "Aux" for several reasons.


Firstly, the term "Aux" comes from the universally understood bit of tech where one is given control of the Aux cable for music at a small gathering or in a car. This reference is recognizable and relatable to users.

Secondly, "Auxilliary" means "support," which aligns with the app's essential function of finding musical support for events.

To create a cohesive brand identity, I designed a logo that combines the name "Aux" and a location pin commonly used on most applications.


The logo is simple and clean, making it versatile for use in branding and merchandise. By focusing on the target audience and designing a unique brand identity, the Aux app stands out in a crowded market, making it easier for users to connect with up-and-coming indie artists and venues.

App Mockup Square.jpg


To maintain consistency throughout the application and ensure a production-ready design flow, I developed a comprehensive brand guide for the Aux app. This guide acts as a reference for a design team, outlining the brand's visual and tonal identity, typography, colour palette, and other essential design elements. By creating a structured framework for the app's design, I will be able to deliver a polished product that leads to a pleasurable user experience.

Brand Guide Display.png

The Prototype

To ensure a streamlined UX process, I utilized Figma to create an interactive and high-fidelity prototype of the Aux app. This prototype was crucial in testing the functionality and accessibility of the app's design. Additionally, it provided me with an opportunity to stay current with the latest design software and techniques, ultimately resulting in a seamless and user-friendly experience for Aux's users.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 113116.png
Screenshot 2023-06-20 113134.png
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