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Crocodile tours


Rather than wait for a concept art project, I created my own. Starting from a sketch of a crocodile carrying passengers based on a YouTube tutorial, I took my idea to Reddit (specifically the subreddit ‘r/Worldbuilding’). I could not have anticipated the kind words and amazing feedback I received from the community, which gave me the impetus to take this idea further. The Crocodile Tours concept continues to grow, and hopefully, through these pages, you will see my passion for concept art and give me a chance on a project. I’m always open to contact for collaborations, job opportunities or if you want to critique the work itself.

my brief

The year is 2034, corporations run the globe with little to no regulation from government bodies being able to stop them from their never-ending conquest for profit regardless of the costs to the people they seek to exploit. Crocodile Tours is one such example of corporate madness leading to, what seems to be on the surface, a successful family tourist attraction.

some inspiration

The following article is taken from [Redacted] May 2034:

Originally founded in 2025 by [redacted] on the quaint island of [redacted], Crocodile Tours took advantage of an ex-government genetic engineering project which created a larger species of crocodile that could stalk the waterways of the region to put a stop to the plight of illegal smuggling. However, this initiative was soon stopped once it was discovered that these beasts were too dangerous and expensive to train. Following this the specimens were left to their own devices, driving down the numbers of water-dwelling fauna in the region leading to a subsequent self-induced endangered status. That was until [redacted] saw their potential. 

“I thought to myself ‘People ride elephants, horses, donkeys. Why not these beasts?’” – [Redacted] in an interview with the now-obsolete World Health Organisation, 2030.

And so, Crocodile Tours was born. [redacted] began to hire the best trainers from around the world employing various historical techniques to bend the beasts to his will. Unfortunately owing to budgetary constraints only 1 in 3 crocodiles would make it through the full period of training and many would end up going AWOL from the designated touring paths leading to a tendency to drown the guests by swimming too deep or rolling too aggressively. The former issue was addressed by moving the company to its new location in South Asia enough inland to mean that the crocodiles could not drown their passengers, but close enough to shallow waterways to mean that the guests still experienced largely water-based tours. The company thrived in this new location, expanding its range of activities and events making it the family-friendly attraction you can see today. 

Crocodile Tours' owner has dismissed the rumoured deaths, but attendance figures are hard to come by. A non-disclosure agreement signed by every visitor to the park upon entry means we have little to no information of the actual goings-on within. However, from the photos that manage to make it online, we believe there is nothing to worry about and we urge you to visit at your next available opportunity.

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